LookUp Live

Greater Digital Wellbeing

Helping to empower young people to fight for greater digital wellbeing.

In the competition for our attention, the tech giants (and especially social media platforms) have become expert at manipulating our emotions to keep us engaged.  While digital technologies are undeniably a net positive for society and the world, this increasing control of our emotions by algorithms is feeding dangerous outcomes: addiction, depression, anxiety, narcissism, and even the erosion of truth and democracy. This is true across society; but is reaching alarming levels among the younger, digitally native generations.

How can emotional intelligence help young people lead healthier, happier lives in our digital age? That’s a question we’re passionate about.

We are extremely proud to have been chosen by Look Up Live as their UK Impact Partner.

Founded in partnership with the Social Dilemma Impact Team, Look Up Live’s mission is to empower young people to find their own solutions to improve digital well-being, and to mobilise youth leaders to make their voices heard.

AGL is working to build a movement of youth advocates, who are passionate about improving digital well-being for themselves, and future generations.