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AGL was founded over a decade ago by Anthony (“Ant”) Gordon Lennox.

Ant was an observer of people and the way people communicate. Working first in live television and then in politics he had become concerned by the gap between our personal and professional, and private and public, communication. He founded AGL to help people narrow that gap - whoever, whatever and wherever they were, to be more like their real selves - and so strengthen their connection with their different audiences.​

His approach was empathetic; he wasn’t frightened to share his own vulnerabilities; and, most importantly, he made his clients laugh. He had considerable personal charisma, and they trusted him, and opened up to him, and told him their stories. They also came to understand that successful communication had more to do with being real than being perfectly polished. ​

Who were these clients? They were business leaders, politicians, including William Hague and David Cameron, members of the royal family and a wide range of other public figures.​ In 2017, after many happy and successful years at AGL, Ant died, following a short illness, aged just 47. The team that worked side by side with him has continued and expanded his work, while remaining faithful to his values.​​

His DNA still runs through our veins.​


Anthony Gordon Lennox

1969 - 2017