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We are communication experts.  For over a decade we’ve helped some of the world’s most influential leaders be better communicators, which in turn makes them better leaders.

We work with executives, managers, future leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, celebrities and individuals.

Effective communication makes the difference between a competent leader and a great leader.

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  • AGL helped me define my message all the while playing to my strengths. I would 100 % recommend AGL to anyone who wants to get their message across with confidence and impact

    Isabella Weatherby - Founder and CEO, Peachy Den

  • AGL blends a great combination of being both challenging and inspiring. Coaching sessions with teams are effective, efficient and a great use ​ of time…

    Board Member - British Airways

  • There are communications companies and there is AGL. If you’re after something highly personalised that feels safe and intensely human, delivered by people who care about their work and care about you, you can’t do much better. I needed to find my voice. With the help of AGL, I did.

    Monica Lewinsky - Anti-Bullying Activist and Writer

  • AGL are brilliant at what they do; finessing public speaking and presenting skills for all ranges of ability. Inception Group has greatly benefited from the work they've done.

    Charlie Gilkes - Founder and Director, Inception Group

  • We hired AGL to help us with a pitch to investors. AGL’s coaches were frankly wonderful and made all the difference. They gave us the skills, but also the confidence, to tell our story and explain why we matter - why we need to exist - with real impact and in a way that felt true to ourselves. They met us where we were - both as a team and each of us, individually - but had the knack of lifting us up at the same time!

    Amber Valletta - Model and Actor

  • AGL gave me an extremely talented coach. Tom read me quickly and accurately, pulled apart and reconstructed my speech, and gave me precise and constructive feedback to improve my delivery, tailoring it very precisely to the eclectic audience. A coaching masterclass.

    Belinda Lennox DM FRCPsych - Professor of Psychiatry, University of Oxford

  • AGL Communication ran a session for Goodwood on “Communicating with Impact” for the most senior leaders in our business. It was exceptional: never less than engaging, often inspiring and, above all, instructive. Our two coaches created a challenging (but safe) environment, perfect for learning not only from their extremely expert feedback but also from one another. Our leaders loved it and we would recommend AGL Communication to anyone. A thrilling day.

    Liddy Swan - People & Development Director, Goodwood Group

  • Working with Jenn at AGL has been transformational. I have left each working session with clear, mutually agreed action points aligned both with my long-term goals and short-terms priorities. Not only have I seen measurable progress over the past few months, but my colleagues have also proactively praised me for the specific behaviours & habits I designed with Jenn. A huge thank you!

    Valentin Vincedon - Chief Product Officer @ Copper

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