Mel Fall

Melanie is a communications coach with a particularly deep and specialist knowledge of broadcast media, both in Britain and the United States.

An Emmy-winning freelance documentary producer, she produced several of the BBC’s landmark series, most recently Art that Made Us. Before that, she series-produced the BBC’s remake of the iconic Civilisations, presented by Simon Schama, David Olusoga and Mary Beard.

She started her career in the BBC current affairs unit, working on the BBC’s politics flagship, On the Record, and on Panorama and Newsnight. One of her roles was to brief David Dimbleby on election night. She left the BBC to work with Professor Niall Ferguson, producing his history films for Channel 4 and the US broadcaster, PBS. Together, they also made a feature-length documentary on the life of Henry Kissinger which involved her spending time with Kissinger at his house in Connecticut and accompanying him to the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

She is at present developing a feature documentary on the final years of the Nepalese Monarchy for the BBC.

Mel Fall