Barbara Dryhurst

For over 20 years, Barbara has been dedicated to helping her clients – corporate leaders, private individuals and small groups – find ease of mind and body, and freedom of voice.

A professional actor, she is trained both to speak and to listen, and knows from long personal experience and observation not only how challenging it can be to manage nerves and embody confidence but also how to overcome such challenges. She brings this expertise to her business communications coaching. She brings, too, a special interest in crafting and
structuring spoken story; and, as a qualified Integral Coach, her knowledge of the creative possibilities that can come from building self-awareness and self-acceptance. Additionally, she has worked with meditation and mindfulness practices for many years.

As an actor, Barbara has worked in many of the UK’s best loved theatres, as well as on television and radio.

She holds a degree in Psychology from the University of Sheffield.

Barbara Dryhurst