Managers are leaders too

Managers face similar pressures and expectations to their more senior counterparts. We offer them the same bespoke, one-to-one, services as senior leaders, and many take advantage. In practice, however, our coaching and training of managers tends to be done in small and large groups and to focus somewhat more on presentation and people-management skills.

We are always happy to co-design our group workshops with the client. They typically last from half-a-day to two days and can take place either in person or on video. Longer workshops can be divided into a series of half-days.

Self-awareness is at the heart of our approach. Workshop participants are therefore often videoed and receive feedback on their performances not only from their coach but also from other participants.


Presenting with impact

Moving beyond the basics, our presentation training drills down into the art of compelling communication and the creation of standout presentations. There is a particular focus on the role of structure, language, narrative, personalisation and delivery. We offer a number of presentation workshops. Our Persuasive Messages Workshop helps participants raise both their self-awareness and their audience awareness; and gives them an opportunity to practise crafting a persuasive message, delivering a message to camera and a small group, answering questions, and managing objections and challenge. It also enables them to benefit from constructive feedback on their content, delivery, answers to questions and response to challenge.

Pitching with impact

Pitching ideas and products is an important part of most managers’ working lives. We help our clients understand how to pitch concisely, persuasively and authentically, and also with confidence, so that they generate momentum and get the results they need. Of course, managers and their team members often need, in effect, to sell themselves, for example when being interviewed for internal promotion, and we can help here, too, and regularly do, via both group and one-to-one coaching.

Performance-management conversations

Performance-management conversations are vital in helping team members know where they stand but often fall by the wayside. We help managers reprioritise these critical conversations and make effective feedback their superpower.

Executive writing

The written word remains a very powerful form of communication in today’s world, whichever sector you find yourself working in.   Our aim is to help you with the core principles of effective writing in the modern world of business, and then to practise the art of clear, concise and compelling writing, offering you new tools and techniques. 

We frame our workshops around four simple questions: 

Why am I writing? 

Who am I writing for? 

What do I need to include? 

In what style should I write? 

We can deliver workshops for small groups, or work to a programme of one-to-one coaching for individuals.