How we’re different

We look at people, the world and the art of communication in a slightly different way.

We know from experience, and studies confirm it, that tapping into the power of emotional intelligence is key to unlocking your potential as a thinker, doer, communicator and human being.
And that this is true whether you’re a graduate trainee or a leader of thought or of people.
We therefore place emotional intelligence – on the one hand, our understanding of ourselves and of others; on the other, the use we make of it – at the heart of all our work.
We believe it’s this, more than anything, that explains our success.

Rapid improvements in computing power and advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning mean that jobs left over would be ones that require emotional intelligence, originality or social skills such as persuasion or caring for others.

Mark Carney, 2018

Our Thoughts

Visible-Invisible Leadership

Leadership is an imperfect idea in lots of ways. After all, what, in fact, is it? Is it a hierarchical position or a type of governance process? Is it a proxy for decision-making, or is it about personal influence? Is it something performed by one person or by several?
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Leadership in times of crisis

With the topic of Leadership at the forefront of much of our work at AGL, we were granted access to a senior army officer and leadership expert to help us clarify our thinking on the matter. Having led a variety of teams facing some of the most challenging situations globally in a military career spanning 20+ years, his insight on decision-making in extremity got us thinking. 
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Born Digital

Reading a review recently of Kazuo Ishiguro’s new book ‘Klara And The Sun’, I was struck by how he spoke about what it is to be human.  I recommend both this interview in The Guardian, and this podcast with Adam Buxton. As you would expect, he is a thoughtful, thought-provoking and very brilliant interviewee.
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